Westin Hotel, 1900 5th Avenue and on Zoom
Apr 20, 2022 12:30 PM
David Montgomery, What Your Food Ate
Westin Hotel, 1900 5th Avenue and on Zoom

Growing a Revolution and What Your Food Ate

The brewing soil health revolution cuts through standard debates about conventional and organic farming.  On both industrialized and developing farms, improving soil health through the adoption of three transformational farming practices—ditching the plow or minimizing soil disturbance, planting cover crops, and growing diverse crop rotations—offers a profitable way to rebuild the fertility of the soil and thereby reduce dependence on fossil fuels and agrochemicals.  Combining ancient wisdom with modern science, these regenerative practices can be good for farmers and the environment, translating into farms that use less water, generate less pollution, lower carbon emissions, and stash carbon underground.  It can also produce more nutrient-dense food to better support human health.  What’s good for the land is good for us too.

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