Hyatt Olive 8, 1635 8th Ave
Nov 06, 2019
Dr. John Crocker
Hyatt Olive 8, 1635 8th Ave

Adventures Among Wild Chimpanzees:  Lessons Learned from Our Closest Relatives and Understanding the Roots of Human Behavior

Dr. John Crocker is a local family physician, author and speaker who will share lessons learned from his time studying chimpanzees with Jane Goodall in Tanzania. An advocate for the environment and for better understanding of emotional well-being, he speaks and writes about the importance of protecting all living things and his own experience as a physician in understanding why anxiety, depression, and even ADD have remained in our human genetic make-up. 

He combines his work alongside Dr. Goodall with his 35 years of experience as a family doctor in the Pacific Northwest in his book, Following Fifi. In addition to appearing on King 5 and writing for the Huffington Post, Dr. Crocker’s work has been featured on the Jane Goodall Institute’s news site.

Dr. Crocker was born and raised in Portland, Oregon and attended Stanford University where he met Jane Goodall.  He received his MD from Case Western School of Medicine in Cleveland. He has two sons who occasionally help validate the closeness of chimpanzee and human behavior. 

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