Online Program
Mar 24, 2021 12:00 PM
Curt Bailey, President & CEO of Bloodworks NW
Online Program

Meeting Our Region’s Critical Blood Donation Needs 365+, Together

Like Rotary, Bloodworks Northwest has been a pillar in our community for decades. President & CEO Curt Bailey will share how even through almost unspeakably challenging times, community support of Bloodworks has been a remarkable catalyst…cancers have been cured, traumas and surgeries recovered from, and transplants successful. Bloodworks’ mission to maintain a reliable blood supply in our local region impacts all of us. Rotarians will learn just what it takes from individuals, corporate partners, community leaders, sports teams, and the community to ensure our families and neighbors benefit from the lifesaving donations. Most importantly, Curt will propose how Rotary can take action to meet the need in four distinct ways – so that together, we stand ready 365+.

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