The Renaissance Hotel, 515 Madison St
Sep 11, 2019 12:00 PM
Dr. James Joki
The Renaissance Hotel, 515 Madison St

NASA's Apollo Program​

Fifty years ago, James Joki, a 26 year-old Boeing engineer, was in Mission Control for Apollo 11’s moon landing.  Serving as an extravehicular mobility unit flight controller, Joki helped develop, test and modify the spacesuits, backpacks, visors, gloves and oxygen system that Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong would rely on for life support during their walk on the moon.  His role was critical from the time Aldrin and Armstrong donned their suits and opened the door of the lunar module, to the moment they returned safely to the spacecraft and shut the door.  Join us in welcoming Dr. James Joki, a graduate of Ballard High School and the University of Washington, as he shares his experiences from his time with NASA and the Apollo space program.


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