Online Program
Jun 17, 2020 12:00 PM
"A New Solution to Seattleā€™s Opioid Crisis"
Online Program

COVID-19 is fast becoming a perfect storm for worsening the opioid epidemic.

People in recovery are often finding their support groups canceled and treatment providers limiting or stopping services. At the same time, those in active addiction may find it difficult to acquire their usual supply of drugs due to the pandemic, throwing them into dangerous withdrawals. Our homeless population now faces even more challenges to treatment and recovery.

On June 17, we will hear how Ideal Option, a national leader in office-based, medication-assisted treatment for addiction, seeks to help stem the tide of addiction in downtown Seattle and throughout King County.

Dr. Jeff Allgaier, a University of Washington graduate and co-founder of Ideal Option, will share Ideal Option’s plans to offer low-barrier, innovative programs and tools to every demographic in Seattle. He will also provide a compelling look into how Ideal Option is currently making a difference in other cities and counties.

Today, Ideal Option operates 72 clinics in 9 states, including 31 in Washington State. Ideal Option collaborates with existing stakeholders and providers to improve the continuum of care. This includes partnerships with emergency rooms and jail systems as well as numerous support agencies and programs addressing housing, mental health, and nutrition support among others.                         

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