Online Program
May 19, 2021 12:00 PM
Dr. Andrew Sund, President of Heritage University
Online Program

Failure is NOT an option: Student Needs Demand Higher Education Changes

Andrew Sund, Ph.D. is the President of Heritage University, a 4-year private, non-profit college that sits amid the fields of hops on Yakama tribal land west of Toppenish, Washington.  The student body is 72% Latinx, 12% Native American, 72% female, and 85% first-generation college students.  91% of Heritage students qualify for federal and/or state financial aid.  It is the only university in the US with this demographic mix.  Since its founding in 1982, Heritage has graduated nearly 10,000 students.

Higher education can be a great equalizer in American society. A college degree increases earning capacity and improves the quality of life.  But despite many efforts, minority communities lag in degree attainment.  It is hard to get them in; It is even harder to get them to graduation. Heritage University has proven methods and developed practices to help students succeed.  This can be a model for higher education as an increasing number of first-generation and multicultural students pursue their degrees.  

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