Online Program
Dec 09, 2020 12:00 PM
Anna Liotta, "Virtual Executive Presence"
Online Program

As leaders, we are doing something that's never been done before. We are being called to create virtually inclusive experiences for diverse multi-generational teams and customers that are empowered, informed, and very, very vocal. 

 Sure, creating inclusive experiences across multiple modalities might sound impossible. But it's not.

The key is to know the blueprint for leveraging your Virtual Executive Presence communications. 

While everyone looks forward to getting "back to normal", the reality is… there is no going back. The future is a HYBRID workplace that has a mix of virtual and proximity-based talent and clientele. 

Leaders that embrace and level-up their Virtual Executive Presence will have a clear, competitive advantage.

With over 20 years on stage, screen, and consulting organizations worldwide, Anna Liotta, Founder of The Generational Institute and President of the National Speakers Association 2019 -2020, guides leaders and high-performance professionals to craft compelling and engaging virtual communications and events.

Join us as Anna guides us through the art and the science behind high-performance leadership in a hybrid world. 

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