Westin Hotel, 1900 5th Ave. and on Zoom
Feb 16, 2022 12:30 PM
Patrick Galvin
Westin Hotel, 1900 5th Ave. and on Zoom

Rotary's Four-Way Test: A Guide to Building a Personal and Professional Life of Character

Rotarian and past president of the Oregon Chapter of the National Speakers Association, Patrick Galvin delivered a well-received Rotary-related TEDx Talk on Should Self Interest Motivate Service? and also wrote the book, The Trusted Way: A Story about Building a Life and Business of Character.  Rotarians see The Four-Way Test at every meeting and in this presentation, Patrick will share:

  • The surprising story behind The Four-Way Test
  • How The Four-Way Test can help you build strong personal and professional relationships
  • Why The Four-Way Test is more relevant than ever in the 21st century
  • How to memorize The Four-Way Test (and other important information) using a highly effective technique
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