Posted by Pete DeLaunay
Rotarians were entertained and enlightened by the day’s featured speaker, Dr. Quinton Morris, Associate Professor of violin and chamber music at Seattle University.  Dr. Morris is one of two black tenured college level instructors in the U.S...  His remarks were preceded by a lovely violin solo.
When he is not teaching, or performing from China to Carnegie Hall, Dr. Morris is inspiring young people in underserved communities with “world-class” music instruction, while supporting their development as self-aware leaders.
In 2017, he founded a non-profit program, Key to Change Studio (, to inspire underserved youth with music instruction.  “Underserved students in South King County can get exposure to well-known musicians who help them achieve whatever they want to do,” he said. “We focus on schools, teachers, and parents looking for after school activities.  We encourage teachers to work with us as we demonstrate how to develop healthy long-term relationships with students.”
The Key to Change Studio, now serves more than 300 students who enjoy group lessons with students from other schools. “Our program is authentic and real, as we approach each student from a place of ‘caring’ and not ‘saving’ – we are empowering,” he said. “Students need to see professional musicians who look like them.”As a professional musician of color, Dr. Morris delivers a powerful message of hope and caring for students of color in underserved communities, particularly in the South end of King County.
President Beth opened the meeting promptly at 12:30 p.m. on ZOOM at the Westin.  She introduced Raymond Tymas-Jones accompanied by Freeman Fong on the piano for the day’s opening song, ‘On a Clear Day’, followed by the day’s inspiration delivered by Inspiration Committee Chair, Nick Anderson, who called music the soundtrack of life and let there never by a day when the music dies.
President Beth acknowledged the passing of two long time Rotarians, former Seattle Chamber President, George Duff, and Don Bennett who was the first amputee to ascend Mt. Rainier while leading many activities in support of those with disabilities.
The day’s short program featured former Rotarian and CEO/President of the Northwest Marine Trade Association, George Harris, who told Rotarians that recreational boating is a $6.9B business in Washington, providing more than 24,000 jobs in support of 245,000 registered boaters in Washington State that ranks 13th in total boats sold in the U.S.
He invited all Rotarians to attend the Seattle Boat Show, coming Feb 3-11, and the largest on the west coast.  “This year we have more than 700 boats on display in two locations (Lumen Field Exhibition Center and Bell Harbor), where boat dealers say from 30-60% of all boat sales take place from the floor of the show,” he said.  “In addition to selling boats, the boat show attracts boaters from all 50 states who book some 8,000 room nights in area hotels, spend $7M on transportation and generate more than $5M in taxes.”  
President Beth ended the meeting with a quick recap of the playoff bound, Seattle Seahawks; and the Seattle Kraken’s six-game winning streak and status as 3rd place in the standings.
 Thank you to Pete DeLaunay for another fabulous meeting report!
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