Posted by Jan Levy on Apr 07, 2021
Please join me in welcoming Linda Lowry, classification Healthcare, to Seattle 4, and thanks to Sherry Calvert & Barbie Siefert for nominating Linda.  Entrepreneur, elite athlete, marketing consultant, lifestyle writer, and above all else, survivor.  These are words you could use to describe our new member, Linda Lowry.
She grew up in Carlsbad, California where she was one of the top 20 long-distance runners in the state.  She attended Chapman University and, because the college didn’t have enough athletes for a cross-country track team, Linda ended up as a walk-on player for Chapman’s soccer team.  She’s still friends with some of her teammates today.  She graduated from Chapman with a degree in Political Science.
Linda joined Bloodworks Northwest as a business development representative in corporate/community relations about 1 year ago. .Before joining Bloodworks, Linda was the co-founder for DSA Solutions, where she provided marketing, sales, and tactical business development consulting with a focus on the technology sector.  Her most recent project was an Audio Campaign Training Manual, which she co-produced with Cathy Allen for the National Women’s Political Caucus.  It’s still in use today.  Prior to co-founding her own company, Linda worked for a number of large corporations including Nordstrom, Pitney Bowes, and Enterprise’s Ride Share Division, where she developed a ride-share program for the Department of Defense.
I mentioned earlier that Linda is a survivor.  In 2019, she had a stroke at age 47.  While she was in the hospital the doctors discovered a brain aneurism which they operated on several months later.  During the surgery, the aneurism ruptured, and they were not sure if she would make it, or if she would have brain damage.  Suffice to say, Linda is still with us – as I said, she’s a survivor!
One thing I loved learning about Linda is that when her now-husband Jason was doing graduate work in the Breast Cancer Research Lab at UC Berkeley, his principal investigator was one, Dr. Shyamala – as in the mother of Vice President Kamala Harris!  Dr. Shyamala hosted a bridal shower for Linda and Jason at her home in Oakland and invited not only the people who worked in the lab but also, her daughter who was then California’s Attorney General.
Linda was planning to join Rotary before she had her stroke.  She has attended a number of our programs and likes the spirit of the club which she says is “like a family.” 
She is on the Board of the Columbia Tower Club, involved with Women in Technology, is a lifestyle writer for a number of magazines, and actively mentors other young women of color, particularly in the Latina community. 
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