"My heart is in helping people find hope".  Ryan is the Lead Pastor and President of the Board of Calvary Christian Assembly and has found a home with Seattle Rotary 4. We thank Jimmy Collins and Harold Scoggins for proposing Ryan under the classification of  Religious Organizations. 
Ryan is the Lead Pastor and President of the Board of Calvary Christian assembly.  Located in North Seattle, you may know them for their large billboard on Roosevelt Way that says “Jesus loves Seattle”.
Ryan came to Seattle from Sacramento, CA. in 2016. As Ryan was completing his Master of Arts in Ministry Leadership at Northwest University, the president, Joe Castleberry, suggested that he explore Rotary as he thought it might be a natural fit.  Up until that time, Ryan was only vaguely aware of Rotary as “some kind of service organization”.  When he looked more closely, he found that we live many of his beliefs.   As he describes it “my heart is in helping people find hope,” particularly in this pandemic altered world.
Amongst other things, Calvary Christian has a music ministry, the CCA ensemble, a Community Dinner Church, and more than 20 other groups active in the community to further the mission of helping people find and follow Jesus Christ.
Ryan is married to his co-Pastor, Linaya.  She is active in many of their programs and sometimes will tag team with him on sermons.  In addition to her role in the Church, Linaya is also the mother of their 3 world-changer children, Bryce, Gavin, and Lily who span ages 19 to 7.  As a Type 1 Diabetic, his heart and passion are to encourage health, unleash hope, and inspire faith in the community at large.
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