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President Beth Knox opened with the ringing of the bell and land acknowledgement.

Jimmy Collins led the singing of Swing Low Sweet Chariot with Freeman Fong accompanying on piano.

Justice Faith Ireland offered the inspiration and expressed gratitude for the YMCA.

President Beth Knox noted that ShelterBox president Kerri Murray is in the process of providing critical items to people in crisis. ShelterBox has started an emergency fundraising appeal to support those impacted by the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. Please look for the donation link within this month's newsletter.

Short Program

Laura Clise is the founder and CEO of Intentionalist, and she shared what grounded her was the ability to bring people together in community and belonging.

- Referenced the quote: “Borders frequented by trade seldom need soldiers.”

- Kept coming back to the role small business play in our society

- Intentionalist was born with the idea that by being more intentional with where we spend our money, we can put our thumb on the scale of social justice

- is an online resource and guide for where to spend

Joel Paget introduced new member Barton DeLacy, classification Real Estate

Main Program

Loria Yeadon, President and CEO YMCA of Greater of Seattle

- First women as well as first person of color to serve as CEO in 147-year history of YMCA of Greater Seattle

- 35 years of experiences leading non-profits

- Champion for equity and justice for all

- Loria covered the Y Mission, Equity Statement and Pillars

- Standing for all, especially those oppressed and left at the margins - those who need us the most

- YGS (YMCA of Greater Seattle)

- 501(c)(3) and volunteer led organization

-14 local Ys throughout King County

- Pride themselves on the fact that they are within 10 min drive of 90% of King County Population

Impact in 2022

- Safety around water + swim lessons

· 38,000 private and group swim lessons

- Loria would love to see this number doubled and is continuing to advocate for more funding so every Y can offer swim lessons

- Childcare and early education

- 80,000 young people served

- Social impact center: Where we service young people who have suffered trauma

- Mental Health, Transitional Housing, Job Training

- Camp Oorkila purchase of 2 adjacent Parcels to expand the acreage and waterfront completed

- Acquired 2100 acres of land around Mineral Lake at the base of Mt Rainier

- BOLD and GOLD expeditions will occur at this property.

- Boys Outdoor Leadership Development & Girls Outdoor Leadership Development

- AK Guy Awards

- Save the date: Sept 27th Seattle Convention Center Summit

President Beth thanked Loria with 600 servings in Loria’s name to Harvest Against Hunger.

Nicole Klein explained that empowerment passes can be texted to someone you’d like to invite as a guest. Note: You’ll need to be enrolled in the text notification system.

Doug Seto offered his thoughts on finding new members who bring in the energy and vitality of the club:

- Reaching out and engaging the organization you’re already involved in (Church, Alumni Associations, and other clubs)

John Steckler shared info on upcoming club events and Ken Grant covered upcoming programs.

President Beth closed with a recap of local sports news and a look forward to baseball season.

- Quote from legendary baseball player Roger Hornsby:

"People ask me what I do in Winter. I tell you what I do: “I stare out the window and wait for Spring”

Meeting adjourned at 1:28 PM.

 Thanks to new meeting reporter Brad Barber for this week's report! 

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