Posted by Pete DeLaunay on Sep 08, 2021
President Jimmy opened the meeting with a remembrance of the 911 attacks on the World Trade Center buildings and Pentagon.  He introduced Music Committee co-chairs Linda Rough and Jevon Powell who performed a Seahawks version of the song of the day,  Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow; followed by Jamie Mendez with the day’s inspiration.
President Jimmy invited Seattle Rotary Service Foundation (SRSF) President Dave Kraft and SRSF Trustee Nick Anderson to announce the launch of the SRSF campaign for the coming year.  SRSF is a companion organization of Seattle #4 that collects and distributes funds in the community to support the service mission of our club.  Last year our club contributed $231,000 to SRSF, with $180,000 to specific grants recommended by our club’s service committees that propose projects to be funded by SRSF trustees who are all members of Seattle #4.   One funded local organization, Choose 180, provides alternatives to incarceration for young people.  Your contributions to SRSF that will launch at the end of October inspire hope.  Visit the Seattle Rotary website or click the link in this week's newsletter to view the SRSF’s Annual Report.  
President Jimmy introduced Rotarian, Eric Corning, who introduced the day’s program speaker, Steve Raible as an original Seattle Seahawk and fixture for half a century on KIRO TV  and as ‘Voice of the Seahawks since 2004 to preview the team’s prospects for the coming season.
As an original Seahawk it was fitting for him to walk down memory lane from his first Seahawks training camp at EWU in Cheney where ‘hits came everyday’ in stifling heat to prepare for the 1976 season opener against the St. Louis Cardinals in the Kingdome.”   Of course, he mentioned the starting wide receivers and an unknown Steve Largent who caught about “half dozen” passes for that game.
“Going on five decades later we are excited for what the Seahawks have done starting with our number 3 jersey, Russell Wilson, who still leads our team,” he said. “Russ will continue to set records with 40 touchdown passes to his credit and a 12-4 record as NFC West Champions.”   Following a “tough loss to the Rams,” Steve said the team has made a lot of changes to make things more flexible and quick to respond by making plays on the run.  He called out players like D.K. Metcalf and Tyler Lockett as playmakers supreme.    
Using his TV “spotting board” from the broadcast booth, he said, “after the start of last season the team couldn’t get out of our own way, and per-game giving up points”.  
He predicted that the coming Seahawks season will “see a team defensively that is built around putting pressure on the quarterback, and a team with more depth and ready to play”.   He cited Bobby Wagner as almost certainly in the Hall of Fame and the Seahawks Ring of Honor.  “Expect the Seahawks to start faster defensively and hold their own on offense and the Seahawks will be there at the end of the season winning the NFC title again,” he said. “Staying healthy this team will be there in the end and playing deep in the playoffs”.
COVID changed the nature of the game with no fans in the stands “it was the weirdest thing I’ve ever done” as he described how the Seahawks have “kept a very small bubble around the team with everyone is vaccinated”.  COVID restrictions prevent the broadcast team from traveling with the team out of an abundance of caution.  COVID protocols will be strictly enforced as the Seahawks expect 65,000 fans to attend their first game including proof of vaccination and mandatory mask requirements.   
During the Q&A facilitated by Sargent of Arms Ken Grant, Steve talked a bit about retirement and relief from three or four newscasts every day.   He said he missed covering Seafair events where “you were on the air ten hours all day Sunday without a script”.  
Asked about that Superbowl loss to the Patriots, Steve said it wasn’t so much the play that was called as much as the receiver who got knocked off the ball.  “It was the execution of the play and not the call,” he said.   
He concluded his remarks by talking about player salaries and free agency that have changed the game dramatically.  “Players can now make more money in a single year than most make in a lifetime,” he said, “now pick and choose where you want to be.”   
President Jimmy joined Steve in recognizing the 20th anniversary of the attacks of September 11.  Steve recalled being in New York not long after the attacks and visiting ‘ground zero’.  President Jimmy recalled his call to return to military service following the attacks; the inspiration of first responders and just how resilient we are as a country. 
VP Programs, David Fain, announced next week’s program featuring Seafair President and fellow Rotarian, Eric Corning who will describe what it takes financially to keep Seafair going during its 72nd year. 
President Jimmy regrettably announced the passing of fellow Rotarian Leigh Rabel, and his memorial on Sunday, September 12 at Ray’s Boathouse, noon-4 pm.  He also announced how the District Conference has been canceled due to COVID and out of an abundance of caution.  Lastly, he introduced Rotaract co-president Celene Haque who also announced an event planned for October 7 - the status of this fundraising event will be decided shortly. Stay tuned.
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