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July 24
Bill Fetterley
Doug Picha
July 25
Marsha Mutisi
July 26
Ben Reiber
July 27
Lynn Beck
Neil McReynolds
Steve Prince
David Woodward
July 28
Joe Phillips
July 29
Stan Savage
July 30
Fred Grimm
Aug 2
Harold Scoggins
Aug 3
Father Steve  Sundborg
Tatyana Tsyrlina-Spady
Aug 5
Patrick Evans


1 Year
Crysti Chen
Alicia Flatt
David Greenwood
Marsha Mutisi
Coury Shadyac
Raymond Tymas-Jones
Jon Zetlmaier
5 Years
Harold Scoggins
7 Years
Allison Parker
9 Years
Beth Knox
11 Years
Brian Marks
12 Years
Paula Houston
Karl Neiders
13 Years
James Keating
Travis Keeler
Susie Roe
16 Years
Ken Colling
Wally Kegel
17 Years
Bernie Griffin
Sue Nixon
18 Years
Lynn Lindsay
Roberta Nestaas
Lori Walker
19 Years
Kristi Marchbanks
20 Years
Cathy Gibson
21 Years
Suzanne Griffin
26 Years
Bob Alexander
30 Years
Russ Taylor
32 Years
Don Root
34 Years
Bruce Jones
35 Years 
Todd Summerfelt
36 Years
Walt Maas

Bob Alexander



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Unless protests are received in the time period required (seven days), the following will receive a "Welcome to Rotary" notification that their membership has been accepted:
David Bobanick, Executive Director for Harvest Against Hunger. Individual membership with a Health & Community Services classification. Proposer, Lisa Mayfield, and Seconder, David Siebert.  
Tiffany Lewis, CEO/Founder of Cookies with Tiffany. Individual membership with a Food & Beverage classification.  Proposer, Trish Bostrom.


July 29th at 12:00pm
*Social time starting at 11:45am*

Pulling Back the Curtain on the Cannabis Industry

Since legalizing medical marijuana in 1998 and the sale and recreational use of it in 2012, followed opening the first store two years later, the cannabis industry in Washington State has changed dramatically. Next week’s panel brings together a scientist, manufacturer and finance executive to bust your myths, expand your knowledge and answer your questions about cannabis. What they will share with you will certainly change how you think about, and likely use, this plant-based product. VP of Programs Beth Knox will moderate this panel featuring Shannon Vetto, CEO of Evergreen Market; Jessica Tonani, CEO of Verda Bio; and Jackie Brassington, COO and GM of Evergreen Herbal.
Join on your computer by clicking HERE
Or dial in on your phone: (253) 215 8782
Meeting ID: 259 970 584

Meet New Member Elijah Funk

Pablo Picasso once said that “Action is the foundational key to all success.” And I’m here today to introduce a man of action and our newest young Rotarian, Elijah Funk, classification Insurance.
Many of you may have already met or heard from Eli, as he’s gotten involved quite quickly with our club these past three months through not only the Young Rotary Leaders, but with the Program Committee, as well.  We have his girlfriend, Caroline, to thank for all of this, as it was from her aunt, Sue McNab, that he learned about us.

Thursday, August 20th at 5:30pm on ZOOM 

Rotary Happy Hour on World Mosquito Day

Did you know that August 20th is World Mosquito Day which commemorates the discovery that female mosquitoes are the cause of malaria infection?  Join us for this special Happy Hour when we'll hear from two members as they share their personal experiences on malaria service projects to Africa, learn how to mix the perfect gin & tonic, be entertained with some mosquito jokes, and of course, have time to socialize with fellow members.  For every member who attends, we will purchase a mosquito net to protect a family and help curb the spread of malaria. This is a happy hour where you can truly connect for good - don't miss it!! 

July 17 - August 1
Oedipus the King
A Livestream Production by Play Your Part

Thebes is faced with a flesh-eating plague that is killing its people. The gods claim the only way to save the city is to uncover the man who murdered their former king and kill or exile him. Oedipus, famous for having saved Thebes by solving the riddle of the Sphinx, learns from a blind prophet that he himself is the very murderer he seeks, and that he is destined for a fate worse than death. Relentless and maniacal in his pursuit of the truth, Oedipus roots out those who know the origins of his birth. What is revealed leads to even more ghastly acts of free-will in the face of inescapable doom.
Don't miss this special production supported by a grant from the Seattle Rotary Service Foundation.   

Thursday, September 3rd at 4:00 pm 

Summer Read for the Next Peacebuilder Book Club Discussion

Paula Houston has recommended The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness by Michelle Alexander for our next Peacebuilder Book Club discussion on Thursday, September 3rd.  This will be the third in our series following the highly recommended White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo and So You Want to Talk About Race by Oluo Ijeoma.  Order now.  The audio book is the easiest and quickest to obtain. 

Would You Like Support from Your Fellow Members? 

Our Rotary Cares team is ready to listen and to  support you.  One of the wonderful things about our club is that you have many friends --you just need to reach out to tap into our amazing network of caring people.  Please contact one of our Rotary Cares Committee Co-chairs listed below to let us know how we can help. 
Fedva Dikmen:
Sue McNab:

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Rotary Club of Seattle
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Phone: 206-623-0023

Caroline Bobanick
Executive Director

Mariah Kimpton
Program Manager
We love to see our Rotary members promoting good works in our community and abroad!  If you have a project or fundraiser that you are excited about and would like to promote to your fellow club members, please check in with our Executive Director, Caroline Bobanick, or Program Manager, Mariah Kimpton, before distributing information or invitations through our email roster.  We value the privacy of our members’ contact information and can let you know the appropriate ways to reach out to folks in our club. Thank you!! 
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