Seattle #4
Wellspring Family Services
1900 Rainier Ave. S
Seattle, WA 98144
United States of America

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Thank you for supporting Wellspring Family Services and families in our community. This fair will be focused on celebrating families, and will offer items and services to help families regain housing stability.

Please note that all volunteers must be signed up for a specific role and shift prior to June 3rd. We will not be able to accommodate any additional volunteers after this date. Some roles may require background checks. The fair will be held inside and outside, so please dress appropriately for the weather, and wear comfortable shoes. You are also welcome to bring water, beverages, and snacks to stay comfortable and safe during your shift.

When you arrive for your volunteer shift, please check in with Thom. If you have a Wellspring shirt, please wear it. If not, please let us know your size and we will provide one. If this is your first time volunteering with Wellspring, you will need to complete an application. Some volunteer roles may require a background check or additional training.

Thank you!



Set up – 8 volunteers

Volunteers will assist in setting up tables and resources prior to the event start, to organize the space for a successful Family Resource Fair. Once set up is complete, volunteers will take over another volunteer role. Morning shift only.


Greeter – 4 volunteers

Paired with a Wellspring staff member to stand at fair entrance and greet families as they arrive. You may be distributing wrist bands or utilizing a clicker to count attendees.


Crossing Guard – 2 volunteers

Volunteer will assist attendees in safely crossing the street from parking area to fair area.


Food Service – 2 volunteers

Volunteer will serve food and coffee to visiting families.


Floating – 2 volunteers

As a floating volunteer, your main role will be to provide additional support to various areas of the event as they get busy. If there are no areas in immediate need of support, you will be assisting in restocking books, clothing, and other supplies for future Wellspring orders.


Clean Up – 6 volunteers

Assist Wellspring staff in cleaning up tables, resources, and materials after the event. You may be asked to break down tents, tables and chairs, dispose of trash, and organize supplies. Afternoon shift only.


Family Store


Diaper Resource Assistants – 2 volunteers

Volunteers will assist Family Store staff in distributing diapers, hygiene items, and other Family Store resources directly to families attending the fair. Will also assist in gathering additional supplies from inside the Wellspring building and replenishing the tables outside.

Requirements: Language skills preferred (particularly Spanish, Somali, Amharic, and Tigrinya).


Family Store Resource Assistants – 2 volunteers

Volunteers will distribute children’s books, or other items to interested families and other Family Store resources. Volunteers may need to gather additional books from inside the Wellspring building and replenish books as needed.




Assistant Extraordinaire – 2 volunteers

Volunteers will assist Housing staff in copying client documents, and communicating with attendees waiting in line. Support case managers in distribution of resources. Requirements: background check and additional training may be necessary.


Early Learning Center


Art Table Chaperones – 2 volunteers

Volunteers will support Early Learning Center staff in activities to entertain children attending the Family Resource Fair with their families. This may include supervising play with toys, or supporting the Arts and Crafts table.

Requirements: Background check required.

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