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We would like to see a large turnout for this important special club meeting for an in-depth presentation and discussion of the Future Vision Task Force Report created for the club this Rotary year.
Over several months during this Rotary year, a task force of seven Rotarians worked to create a future vision for the club. During hours-long afternoon weekday sessions and weekend retreats, this group work has led to the development of a report of insights and recommendations for our organization. The suggestions from this report, if implemented, will significantly impact our club. Therefore, we wanted to provide this event as an opportuity for club members to hear about the report and discuss its findings in small table talks with task force members.
Association clubs like Rotary are facing dwindling membership numbers and engagement. Many clubs used the COVID pandemic as a time to radically transform their organizations to better adapt and thrive through societal shifts. Our task force took its assignment to do much of the same, imagining what a thriving Rotary Club of Seattle would look like in the future and what we need to do to get there.
If you "save the date" at all this year, this is the event to do it! 
Rainier Club
820 4th Avenue
Seattle, WA
United States of America