With two gifts, we change the world.

Step 1: Make your gift to the Seattle Rotary Service Foundation (SRSF)

We ask all our members to make an annual gift of $400 or more to the Seattle Rotary Service Foundation ($150 for Young Rotary Leaders aka YRL). To join the Pinkham and Skeel Circle of Service, the minimum donation is $1,000. To join the President's Circle, the minimum donation is $2,500.

Please click the link above to donate online to SRSF using your credit card. 

Click HERE to print a blank SRSF contribution form.  Fill it out and snail mail it to:

        Seattle Rotary Club Foundations
        1326 Fifth Avenue, Suite 342
        Seattle, WA  98101

        email: foundation@seattlerotary.org

Please note that we require two separate checks (one payable to the Seattle Rotary Service Foundation and one to The Rotary Foundation.

Step 2: Make your annual gift to Rotary International (TRF)

We ask all our members to make an annual gift of $100 or more to The Rotary Foundation (TRF).  To be a Paul Harris Fellow, the minimum or cumulative donation is $1,000.  The more we give, the more of The Rotary Foundation matching funds will come back to Seattle service projects. 

You may make your donation with a credit card directly to The Rotary Foundation (TRF) by calling 1-866-976-8279.  They have wonderful customer service and a live representative is typically available with no wait time to assist you. 

Or, you can print our form by clicking HERE.  With our form, you will have the option to donate by check or credit card. 

To set up a monthly or quarterly recurring donation to The Rotary Foundation (TRF), use this form.

Please send your completed form to:

       Seattle Rotary Club Foundations
       1326 Fifth Avenue, Suite 342
       Seattle, WA  98101

       email: mariah@seattlerotary.org


SRSF EIN:  91-0612120

TRF EIN: 36-3245072


Other Ways to Give

Donor-Advised Fund

You can set up your own donor-advised fund to be administered by The Seattle Foundation. SRSF encourages Rotarians to establish endowed funds to help perpetuate not only the club's goals and projects, but also the work of community non-profit organizations engaged in various avenues of Rotary service.

As you consider making a gift for an endowed fund, please keep in mind the following criteria.

  • Any amount may be given for general-purpose unrestricted endowment or as an addition to an existing named endowed fund.

  • To create a new named endowed fund for general purposes, the initial gift must be at least $10,000.

  • To create a new named endowed fund for a specific purpose, the initial gift must be at least $50,000.


For more information email foundation@seattlerotary.org.