Online Program
May 13, 2020 12:00 PM
Julie Stein, "How We Built the Burke"
Online Program

An unwavering commitment to “turning the museum inside-out” led the Burke Museum to build a radically transparent and accessible new facility. Observing visitors’ response to behind-the-scenes tours sparked Executive Director Julie K. Stein and her team on a ten-year journey to a build a new facility—one that reveals Burke research and collections, and connects visitors to the staff and volunteers who use them to learn, generate knowledge, be inspired, experience joy, and to heal.

The New Burke features 13 visible labs and workrooms integrated among six galleries, as well as play spaces for young learners and alcoves flexible programming. These interwoven spaces and transparencies blur traditional lines of front and back-of-house to establish the Burke as a new kind of museum—and a whole new way to experience our world.

Julie Stein will give an overview of the Burke Museum’s history, and talk about the challenges, vision, project milestones, and realization of opening the new facility.

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