Posted by John Steckler on Jun 05, 2019
In the game of life, some people can get dealt a very difficult hand. How they let that, or don’t let that, dictate their life or their future and how they take advantage of new cards and new opportunities, tells you a lot about that person.
One individual who has challenged the cards he was dealt and has taken advantage of each new card and opportunity is our newest Rotarian, Jordan Hathaway, who joins us today under the classification of Hospitality.
Jordan was born in South Korea. Orphaned at birth, the future looked very challenging for him. That is until he was dealt a new opportunity in the name of John and Pam Hathaway from Traverse City Michigan who adopted Jordan at the age of 18 months and brought him to the United States. The hand got even better when his parents adopted a sister who was also a South Korean orphan and his junior by three years.  The future was full of hope and opportunity for them both.
After high school, Jordan went to Central Michigan College and graduated with a degree in Recreation, Parks and Leisure Services. This degree required a 30-week internship to graduate and, having a desire to move out of the Midwest, Jordon took an internship with a company called Geoteaming in Seattle.
Geoteaming was an event company that did team building exercises and corporate events. After 30 weeks as an intern, he graduated and was immediately hired by Geoteaming as a full-time project coordinator.
After a few years of traveling 60,000 miles per year and working 50+ hours a week, Jordan decided it was time for a change, so he went into the hospitality industry. He wanted to put his corporate sales and service experience to work in the area of group sales. He was hired by Embassy Suites as a sales coordinator and within seven months was promoted to sales manager. Now, this wasn’t the Embassy Suites at the airport or in a busy downtown metro. No, this was the Embassy Suites next to I-5 in Lynnwood. Not the busiest and most convenient location, but Jordan made it work and before long he was whisked away to work at the Hotel Ändra. This is a Swedish styled boutique hotel located in downtown Seattle on 4th and Virginia right above the Tom Douglas Restaurant, Lola. In fact, the Hotel Ändra has a fully functional Tom Douglas inspired culinary school kitchen. This kitchen can be rented out for cooking classes, parties or corporate teambuilding exercises to create comradery in cooking. Does that sound familiar? A unique opportunity for a unique young man.
Jordan is single but not by choice, so he is open to opportunities.  He is a devoted hiker and backpacker. He likes to say he works at a four-star hotel during the week and on the weekend, he sleeps under a million-star sky.  He is a member of Meeting Professionals International and has served on numerous boards and commissions.  Jordan is proposed by Liz Powell.
I have found Jordan to be a passionate professional who speaks with confidence and an obvious desire to take advantage of every opportunity he finds in life.
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