Posted by Joel Paget


Nicole was born and raised in one of America’s most tourist-bound cities, New Orleans. After graduating from the university of New Orleans, she spread her wings by going to work for the Four Seasons Hotel in Lanai, Hawaii and for the Intercontinental Hotel in Sydney, Australia.

When the pandemic hit, she decided to seek other opportunities and found her current position as marketing director for Aegis Living Communities.  For those who are not familiar with Aegis Living Communities, there are 25 in greater Seattle with a few in southern California and Las Vegas.  Nicole is currently at the Lake Union location which is opening August 13. Aegis Living Lake Union is the world’s first assisted living community to meet the rigorous sustainability building standards of a living building challenge certification. It is designed to be emission-free and energy-efficient, and harnesses solar power and rainwater. Inspired by the history of rowing on Lake Union, the community’s architecture resembles a shell house design, and the exterior features a striking mural of the legendary rowing team from the University of Washington who won gold in the 1936 Olympics.
Nicole sought out Seattle 4 Rotary because she wants to serve her new-found community and to be a resource to  everyone.  She has a wealth of knowledge about caring for seniors.  She also would like to be a mentor to women so they can achieve their full potential. 
Please welcome our newest member, Nicole Cheramie, with the classification  of Health and Community Services!
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