Posted by Dann Mead Smith on Feb 11, 2022
Our VP/Programs David Fain introduced Patti Payne who everybody in the Seattle area knows!  As she is a longtime columnist for The Puget Sound Business Journal, worked decades as a broadcast news anchor and correspondent, serves on several boards, and keynotes, and emcees numerous events yearly. Payne serves as principal of her own consulting business, The Payne Group Communicating/Connecting.
While Patti told us how much she loves Rotary and the trusted relationships through the years, she did admit feeling a little uneasy in the spotlight, as she is usually the one interviewing others. 
Her remarks, entitled Payneful Perspectives on Leadership were reflections on her own leadership path and lessons from some of our region’s key business leaders.
She started with a moving story, one she has never forgotten: Working for a local broadcast station, she was interviewing at holiday time, the head of a local nonprofit working with abused children. She was told that these youngsters never spoke, but she remained hopeful that one child might break his or her silence when asked what they might want for Christmas. After an hour of speaking gently to the children, one boy with whom she had made strong eye contact eventually shared his touching wish: “One good day.”  This was all he wanted – and Patti noted that indelible moment was a powerful, courageous example of true leadership.  “Leadership is how we think of approaching every day; how we find the spark inside of us and the spark that lifts others.  All of us are leaders, it’s our choice,” Patti said.
She mentioned three of her top local leaders: Dan Evans, Howard Behar, and the late Blake Nordstrom. And then shared leadership advice from some others as well (edited for space):
  • Dave Sabey – “Do the right thing. Doing cool stuff with cool people raises all boats, and humanity in general.”
  • Colin Powell – “Perpetual optimism is a force multiplier.”:
  • Bill Ayer – “Get the right people on your team. What you measure gets done. Be completely customer-focused.”
  • Alan Mulally – “Seek to understand before you seek to be understood. Put people first and believe in your people. Facts and data set you free.”
  • Phil Condit – “If you pursue only the bottom line, it will betray you. Great products plus great service while caring about people is the way to greatness.”
 “The world is hungry for leadership more than ever,” Patti said. “The biggest lesson from the pandemic is that we can count on uncertainly and change.  “Her wish is for all of us is that we find the “strength, joy, compassion, connection and grace on this journey and that we hear the music along the way and crank it!”
One of the questions she fielded was what books she is currently reading: “Paris in the Present Tense,” re-reading “A Confederacy of Dunces” and “Fahrenheit 451” and also just finished Dan Evans’ new autobiography.
Patti finished by giving out her contact information ( and 206-234-6827, for any story ideas, critiques, etc. requests for advice, etc.
Past President Jeff Borek opened the meeting and mentioned that President Jimmy was visiting Antarctica and will be back later this month!
Trish Bostrom on her banjolele (a ukulele with a banjo drum) led us in “You Are My Sunshine” for Valentine’s Day; followed by Nick Anderson’s Inspiration which focused on our meeting theme of Leadership and in particular on his friendship and mentorship with Bill Robinson: Leadership was his choice; Nick chose to follow, as that is a choice for us too.
Dominik Musafia introduced Jess Hennessey as our newest member.  Jess is part of the public policy team at Amazon working on immigration among other policy issues, coming from DC which included working for Sen. Charles Schumer.  Dominik said that her father gave her the love of travel and her mother the call to service.
John Steckler did a fantastic job, as he always does, with his Member Spotlight, this week featuring Alvaro Jimenez, the co-founder at Yunity and founder at Gaudium CapitalsHe was born in Barcelona and then went to school at UCLA and then received a scholarship (one of only 12 spots) to attend the University of Washington which brought him to Seattle where he has built quite a career in the investment world.  
Kim Moore announced a special screening of Jeffery Robinson’s new film, “Who We Are: A Chronicle of Racism in America,” on February 19th at Pacific Place downtown which will be attended by the director.  Club members will recall that Jeffrey spoke at a special Rotary meeting held at Town Hall in 2019.
Past President Jeff mentioned that he will also be leading next week’s meeting at the Westin, which he is really looking forward to, as it will be the first meeting he has led in person since all the meetings during his term as president were remote due to COVID.
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