Online Program
Aug 19, 2020 12:00 PM
Governor Gary Locke, Bellevue College
Online Program

Gary Locke, interim president of Bellevue College (BC), will share more about how BC continues to serve students, and the community, amid the pandemic, and why a continued investment in higher education by the state is critical in addressing the economic impact of COVID-19 and longstanding societal inequities.

Bellevue College, the state’s largest open admission institution of higher learning, offers students degree pathways in specialized career fields directly in response to workforce demands. Governor Locke will share how these programs—like Running Start—make higher education affordable to a broad range of learners while still providing an educational experience that leads to high paying careers.

He will also discuss the challenges BC faces as the campus deals with the emotional aftermath of the art installation defacement, and as we recognize the impact of systemic racial injustice on Black students, staff, and faculty. BC is also facing significant budget shortfalls due to the pandemic, and Governor Locke will explain why now, more than ever, the state needs to maintain its investment in our students, and our future.

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